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It Has Been Awhile.

I haven’t been here in ages, good to see it’s still exactly the same and my dashboard is full of corgis. 

my tv is 160 inches. porn is awkward.

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I’m started to really get into these jungle vibes

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Winter Break

I still have a couple of weeks of Winter Break left before school starts up again and all I gotta say is thank you Netflix for filling the void in my heart that is human interaction. 

By not leaving the house during the day I have watched the following:

- Season and a half of The League

- Three seasons of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

- Both Seasons of The Inbetweeners 

- A season of Portlandia 

- Four Seasons of Mad Men

- A season of American Horror Story

- A Season of Freaky Eaters (This one I regret the most)

A whopping 13 and a half seasons total from 7 different shows. 

It truly has been a time to remeber, and by that I mean me not showering or changing my clothes until the late afternoon. 


I found this old picture of a sail boat and did some photo editing. #fridaynight

I found this old picture of a sail boat and did some photo editing. #fridaynight

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Hits the nail on the head, even the watching crappy reality shows to feel superior part. 

I mean compared to those reality show people I look like an Angel or at least some kind of Surf.

My childhood/ The greatest theme song ever, with a bit of a twist.

I'm that guy that reminds you of that other guy you know.
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